Coffee From Wikipedia

Coffee is a kind of beverage that comes from processing and extraction of the coffee seeds.

The word coffee is derived from the Arabic qahwah which means strength, because the coffee was initially used as a high-energy food. Qahwah said again been changed into kahveh derived from the Turkish language and then changed again into Koffie in Dutch. The use of the word Koffie immediately absorbed into Indonesian coffee known to be said at this time.

In general, there are two types of coffee beans, namely Arabica (best quality) and robusta.

History records that the discovery of coffee as a drink nutritious and energy was first discovered by the nation of Ethiopia on the African continent about 3000 years (1000 BC) ago. Coffee and then continued to grow until it became one of the world's most popular beverages consumed by the various circles of society. Indonesia itself has been able to produce over 400 thousand tons of coffee per year. In addition to the attractive taste and aroma, coffee may also lower the risk of cancer, diabetes, gallstones, and various heart diseases (cardiovascular).


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